Light and electron microscopy of optic nerve in buffalo fetus (Bubalus bubalis): A developmental study

Title: Light and electron microscopy of optic nerve in buffalo fetus (Bubalus bubalis): A developmental study

Authors: MPS Tomar and Neelam Bansal

Source: Ruminant Science (2017)-6(1):19-23.

Cite this reference as: Tomar MPS and Bansal Neelam (2017). Light and electron microscopy of optic nerve in buffalo fetus (Bubalus bubalis): A developmental study. Ruminant Science 6(1):19-23.


The developing optic nerve was first observed in CVRL 4.0 cm buffalo fetus. The nerve fibers from the developing retina radially pointed at the place from where the stalk left the cup. This area was in the form of the thinning of the retinal wall and the space for the passage of hyaloid artery was seen. In 5.1 cm CVRL fetus, the stalk of optic nerve showed the passage of hyaloid artery between two separate fascicles of the nerve which indicated that the optic nerve was developed as the continuation of the nerve fibers layer of retina from both the sides of optic cup, separately. In further development the optic nerve was found to be composed of the nerve fibers surrounded by the connective tissue sheath and emerging trabeculae in between nerve fiber bundles (the perineurium) and around neurons (the endoneurium). The optic nerve of buffalo fetuses demonstrated a very strong PAS positive reaction in the connective tissue trabeculae i.e. the epineurium and perineurium. However, the endoneurium had weak to moderate reaction for PAS and AB. The nerve fascicles showed weak reaction for PAS-AB. Presence of basic proteins and lipid moieties was observed in the connective tissue. In neurons the nucleus of cell bodies also showed presence of basic proteins. The optic nerve depicted the presence of phospholipids in the connective tissue trabeculae among the nerve fascicles. On higher electro-magnification the nerve fibers revealed the presence of beginning of myelination around the nerve fibers as the concentric rings.


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