Histo-chemical study of uterus during different stages of pregnancy in goat (Capra hircus)

Title: Histo-chemical study of uterus during different stages of pregnancy in goat (Capra hircus)

Authors: Vijay Kumar, SP Singh, MM Farooqui, Chetna Gangwar, Prabhakar Kumar and Ajay Prakash

Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):67-70.

Cite this reference as: Kumar Vijay, Singh SP, Farooqui MM, Gangwar Chetna, Kumar Prabhakar and Prakash Ajay (2018). Histo-chemical study of uterus during different stages of pregnancy in goat (Capra hircus). Ruminant Science 7(1):67-70.


The present study was conducted on 18 gravid uteri obtained from healthy goats of non-descript breed procured from local slaughter house. The uteri were divided into three groups according to their gestational ages as Gr I (0-50 days), Gr II (51-100 days) and Gr  III (101 till term). The Perodic acid Schiff’s (PAS), acid mucopolysaccharides (AMPs), lipase and Feulgen reaction were studied during different stages of pregnancy.  The different part of the endometrium, endometrial glands, blood vessels of the stratum vasculare and perimetrium showed PAS positive activity which increased with the advancement of the pregnancy. The activity of AMPs was mild   to moderate and was more pronounced during initial stage of pregnancy. Mild to intense lipase activity was observed in the different parts of the endometrium, endometrial glands and mild activity in the blood vessels of the stratum vasculare and perimetrium during all stages of pregnancy. Mild to moderate Feulgen reaction was observed in the endometrium and moderate to intense in the endometrial glands. Myometrium showed very mild PAS positive, AMPs, lipase and Feulgen reaction during all the three stages of pregnancy.



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