Physical and biochemical attributes of urine of Pantja goats

Title: Physical and biochemical attributes of urine of Pantja goats

Authors: Manish Pandey, DV Singh, SK Rastogi, Brijesh Singh, Sanjay Kumar and SK Singh

Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):101-104.

Cite this reference as: Pandey Manish, Singh DV, Rastogi SK, Singh Brijesh, Kumar Sanjay and Singh SK (2018). Physical and biochemical attributes of urine of Pantja goats. Ruminant Science 7(1):101-104.


Present study was conducted on five adult female Pantja goats to evaluate the physical and biochemical attributes of urine. A total of 50 samples (50 ml/sample) and 10 samples from each goat were collected and analyzed (25 in autumn and 25 in winter during the year 2016-17). The urine was yellow (54%), clear and translucent (82%) and had moderate ammonical odor (52%). Mean±SE values of pH, specific gravity (SG) and electrical conductivity (EC) of the urine were 8.42±0.04, 1.031±0.001 and 32.71±1.08 mS, respectively. SG of urine varied significantly (P<0.01) among goats (1.026±0.002 to 1.035±0.002).  Mean±SE values of urea, creatinine and uric acid were 1158.74±28.29 mg/dl, 41.53±0.84 mg/dl and 14.42±1.23 mg/dl, respectively. Uric acid value varied significantly (P<0.01) among goats (8.83 ±1.03 to 24.97±4.07 mg/dl). Mean±SE values of albumin and total protein contents were 7.02±0.80 mg/dl and 14.90±0.85 mg/dl, respectively, and both varied significantly among goats. Mean±SE values of phosphorous and sulphate contents were 3.64±0.28 mg/dl and 2.18±0.14 mg/dl, latter varied significantly (P<0.05) among goats (1.47±0.29 to 2.94±0.48 mg/dl). Mean±SE value of chloride was 196.65±8.39 mmol/L. The base line data generated in present study will be helpful in clinical evaluation of affections of the urinary system of goats.


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