Energy and protein requirements of Karan fries cows during early lactation in and around Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Title: Energy and protein requirements of Karan fries cows during early lactation

Authors: Neha Sharma, SS Kundu, Veena Mani, Hujaz Tariq and Ruchi Malhotra

Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):11-14.

Cite this reference as: Sharma Neha, Kundu SS, Mani Veena, Tariq Huja and Malhotra Ruchi (2018). Energy and protein requirements of Karan fries cows during early lactation. Ruminant Science 7(1):11-14.


Data of crude protein (CP), digestible crude protein (DCP), total digestible nutrients (TDN) and metabolizable energy (ME) intake per kg body weight (W)0.75 of 27 Karan fries cows were regressed with 4% fat corrected milk (FCM) (kg/kg W0.75) to derive requirements of CP, DCP, TDN and ME for maintenance and milk production. Results showed maintenance requirements for ME, TDN, CP and DCP to be 576.1 KJ, 36.98 g, 5.590 g and 3.633 g per kg (W)0.75, respectively whereas, the corresponding requirements for production of 1 kg 4% FCM were 5305 KJ, 320.4 g, 102.7 g and 66.76 g, respectively. Regression equations had R2 values (0.62 to 0.76) and the equations as well as coefficients were found significant (P<0.01). These derived values of requirements matched well with the actual intake versus performance of animals.


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