Extent of awareness towards livestock insurance and risk mitigation strategies related factors among dairy owners of Uttar Pradesh

Title: Extent of awareness towards livestock insurance and risk mitigation strategies related factors among dairy owners of Uttar Pradesh

Authors: Jitendra Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Amit Singh and Rashmi

Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):129-132.

Cite this reference as: Kumar Jitendra, Singh Sanjeev Kumar, Singh Amit and Rashmi (2018). Extent of awareness towards livestock insurance and risk mitigation strategies related factors among dairy owners of Uttar Pradesh. Ruminant Science 7(1):129-132.


Livestock farmers, by insuring their animals against risks, get an important safety measure and the idea of livestock insurance emerged in India before three decades, yet, it has not operated in a significant way till date. It is well noted that livestock insurance scheme is the relevant strategy in managing different risks related to livestock farming, but very little attention has been paid to address the livestock insurance needs of the dairy farmers. This study, therefore, addresses the extent of awareness towards livestock insurance and risk mitigation strategies related factors among dairy owners. The data were collected from the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh in India with a sample survey of 100 cattle and buffalo farmers. A pretested semi structured interview schedule was used to collect the relevant information. The results suggested that most of the farmers were not aware of complete knowledge for applying the insurance, awareness about the complete process of livestock insurance as well as awareness about the amount of premium to be paid for livestock insurance willing to participate in cattle and buffalo insurance.


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