12-Title: Biochemical attributes in repeat breeder Mehsana buffaloes

Authors: FM Kapadiya, AI Dadawala, PP Makwana, NB Bhati, TP Patel and TV Sutariya

Source: Ruminant Science (2020)-9(1):59-61.


How to cite this manuscript: Kapadiya FM, Dadawala AI, Makwana PP, Bhati NB, Patel TP and Sutariya TV (2020). Biochemical attributes in repeat breeder Mehsana buffaloes. Ruminant Science 9(1):59-61.


The biochemical attributes in the present investigation showed noticeable changes in inorganic phosphorus levels which were comparatively higher in Groups-I treated intra-uterine route once only with 4 gm Cephalexin powder and Groups-II treated with Ciprofloxacin 125 mg+Tinidazole 150 mg each dissolved in 60 ml of distilled water as compared to untreated control Group-III no treatment was advocated, whereas calcium levels were not affected significantly. The differences in blood plasma levels of progesterone were significantly higher on 24th day of oestrus cycle in Groups-I and II while significant differences were observed among all days of oestrus cycle between Group-I and Group-III except on the day of oestrus and 3rd day of the oestrus cycle. Inorganic phosphorus and progesterone were significantly low in repeat breeding Mehsana buffaloes which were indicative of non-infectious causative factors for repeat breeding condition and which need addition.


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