15-Title: Effect of protected nutrients supplementation on follicular activity and hormone levels in prepubertal Jaffrabadi heifers

Authors: RJ Raval, VK Singh, KB Vala, AJ Dhami and FS Kavani  

Source: Ruminant Science (2020)-9(1):71-76.


How to cite this manuscript: Raval RJ, Singh VK, Vala KB, Dhami AJ and Kavani  FS (2020). Effect of protected nutrients supplementation on follicular activity and hormone levels in prepubertal Jaffrabadi heifers. Ruminant Science 9(1):71-76.


The study was conducted to investigate follicular activity and plasma concentration of some hormones following protected nutrients supplementation in prepubertal Jaffrabadi buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) heifers. A total of 12 animals, 30±2 months of age, were inducted from the University farm into the study. The selected animals were randomly divided into two equal groups consisting of 6 animals each, viz., control and nutrient treatment. The heifers of the treatment group were supplemented with bypass fat (100 g), bypass protein (950 g) and chelated mineral mixture (50 g) over the routine farm feeding practices (control). The effect of these supplements on ovarian activity and endocrine changes were studied at monthly interval during the last three months of the experimental period, i.e. 33-36±2 months of age. Ovarian activity revealed significant (p<0.05) increase in overall number of small follicles and total number of follicles especially in the right ovary in nutritionally supplemented heifers as compared to control animals. Mean levels of plasma FSH and LH were significantly (p<0.01) higher in animals of treatment group as compared to control from 3rd to 6th month and at 4th month of study, respectively. However, the overall mean plasma insulin level in the treatment group was significantly (p<0.01) higher as compared to the control group (86.55±4.65 vs. 72.13±5.29 pg/ml).  Jaffrabadi heifers understudy did not exhibit behavioural signs of estrus till 36±2 months of age in either of the groups. In conclusion, nutritional supplementation (bypass fat, bypass protein and chelated mineral mixture) improved follicular activity but did not affect candidate hormone levels significantly, except FSH and insulin, and did not induce early puberty before 3 years of age in Jaffrabadi heifers.


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