34-Title: Surgical management of mandibular fracture in camels using interdental wiring (IDW) technique

Authors: HS Bhabhor, Mahendra Tanwar, Sakar Palecha, AK Bishnoi, K Kachwaha, TK Gahlot and P Bishnoi

Source: Ruminant Science (2020)-9(1):169-172.


How to cite this manuscript: Bhabhor HS, Tanwar Mahendra, Palecha Sakar, Bishnoi AK, Kachwaha K, Gahlot TK and Bishnoi P (2020). Surgical management of mandibular fracture in camels using interdental wiring (IDW) technique. Ruminant Science 9(1):169-172.


In the present study, the clinical assessment of mandibular fracture in 6 camels (Camelus dromedarius) (5 males and 1 female) of 7-13 years age group was carried out. Most common causes of Mandibular fracture recorded were self-inflicted trauma, fighting with another camel and striking by owner with wooden stick. The fractures observed were unilateral (16.67%), bilateral (83.33%), simple transverse (50%), compound transverse (50%) in nature. However, the fracture site at horizontal ramus recorded was anterior to tushes (1st premolar) (50%) and between premolars (50%). Mandibular fracture cases were treated by Inter Dental Wiring (IDW) technique. The animals were sedated with xylazine @ 0.4 mg/kg BW. Clinical and radiographical fracture union was observed within 10.00±1.34 weeks in the animals. During fracture healing complications of wire loosening (33.33%), development of sub mandibular abscess (50%) and mucosal wire gall wound (100%) was observed. Neither clinically nor radiographically osteomyelitis was observed as a complication after surgical repair of mandibular fracture. The fracture healing in the cases of close transverse fractures (6-7 weeks) was earlier than open fractures (10-15 weeks).


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