35-Title: Diagnosis and surgical management of different types of hernias in ruminants

Authors: S Purohit, Prabha Sharma, Raveendra RT, Chetan Sharma, Atul Yadav, Ankit Negi, PVV Reddy,  Arpit Kaushal, Kaushal and RP Pandey

Source: Ruminant Science (2020)-9(1):173-186.


How to cite this manuscript: Purohit S, Sharma Prabha, Raveendra RT, Sharma Chetan, Yadav Atul, Negi Ankit, Reddy PVV, Kaushal Arpit, Kaushal and Pandey RP (2020). Diagnosis and surgical management of different types of hernias in ruminants. Ruminant Science 9(1):173-186.


The present study was conducted on 48 animals suffering from different types of hernias out of which 41.66% were cows, 33.33% buffaloes, 16.66% goats and 8.33% sheep. Based on the history and clinical examination umbilical (47.92%), ventral (14.58%), lateral (2.08%), ventro-lateral (10.41%), latero-ventral (8.33%), perineal (6.25%), inguinal (2.08%), scrotal (6.25%) and diaphragmatic (2.08%) hernia were diagnosed in the animals. However, ultrasonographic and radiographic examinations were performed to evaluate the herniated organ and adhesions. These cases were managed according to the size of the hernial ring- 1) less than 2 fingers managed by the conservatively (n=9), 2) between 2-4 fingers ring managed by herniorrhaphy (n=17) and 3) >5 fingers managed by hernioplasty using nylon mesh (n=22). Hernioplasty using nylon mesh in ruminants was found suitable and cost effective.  


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