13-Title: Effect of curcumin as a semen additive on seminal attributes and biochemical parameters of Kankrej bull spermatozoa

13-Title: Effect of curcumin as a semen additive on seminal attributes and biochemical parameters of Kankrej bull spermatozoa

Authors: KF Chaudhary, BN Suthar, HC Nakhashi and SK Mohapatra

Source: Ruminant Science (2022)-11(1):57-62.

How to cite this manuscript: Chaudhary KF, Suthar BN, Nakhashi HC and Mohapatra SK (2022). Effect of curcumin as a semen additive on seminal attributes and biochemical parameters of Kankrej bull spermatozoa. Ruminant Science 11(1):57-62.


Total three Kankrej bulls were used to collect 30 semen ejaculates (10 ejaculates from each bull) to determine the effect of different concentrations of curcumin (CUR) as a semen additive in Tris-egg yolk-based semen extender for cryopreservation. Each ejaculate was divided into four equal aliquots and diluted in a Tris-based extender containing curcumin (Control (G-I), 25 µM (G-II), 50 µM (G-III) and 75 µM (G-IV) which were cooled to 5 ºC and frozen in 0.25 ml French straws using programmable bio freezer. Each group was evaluated for initial motility, sperm viability, sperm abnormality, acrosome integrity, Hypoosmotic swelling test, seminal plasma enzymes (ALT and AST) and oxidative stress markers (SOD and LPO). Based on the findings of seminal characteristics, the leakage of AST and ALT enzymes and the oxidative stress markers (SOD activity and LPO levels) at post-equilibrated and post-thawed stages of semen cryopreservation, it was concluded that the addition of 25 µM curcumin in TFYG extender is more suitable to protect the Kankrej bull spermatozoa in comparison to 50 µM and 75 µM curcumin.



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