16-Title: Gamma-glutamyl transferase an oxidative stress marker in nondescript goats of arid tract

16-Title: Gamma-glutamyl transferase an oxidative stress marker in nondescript goats of arid tract

Authors: Archita Singh and Nalini Kataria

Source: Ruminant Science (2023)-12(1):91-94.

How to cite this manuscript: Singh Archita and Kataria Nalini (2023). Gamma-glutamyl transferase an oxidative stress marker in nondescript goats of arid tract. Ruminant Science 12(1):91-94.


The present exploration was planned to determine the association of GGT as an oxidative stress marker in non-descript goats of the arid tract. To execute the objectives, blood samples were collected from non-descript male (N=60) and female (N=60) goats (Post pubertal) of 5-11 months of age from private slaughter houses of arid tract. The samples were collected during a moderate environmental temperature period (October to November) and an extreme hot environmental temperature period (May to June), from age groups 5-7 months (N=20); 7-9months (N=20); and 9-11 months (N=20) of each sex. The magnitude of GGT concentration in plasma assessed during extreme hot environmental temperature period were compared to those analyzed during moderate environmental temperature period. The assessment reflected the effect of hot ambient temperature on plasma GGT, in the goats of all age groups and sexes. Its mean value obtained during a moderate environmental temperature period was considered as a control value and was found to increase, under bang of heat stress irrespective of age and sex. Significant (p<0.05) changes in mean values were observed due to sex and age in both moderate and extreme hot ETPs. In both the ETPs, mean values were found to be significantly (p<0.05) higher in male goats as compared to female goats. Mean values assessed during both the ETPs were found to be highest in 9-11 months age group and lowest in 5-7 month age group. It can be reiterated that extent of development of oxidative stress was higher during extreme hot environmental temperature period. Higher GGT value in plasma attempted to illustrate the apparition of oxidative stress in otherwise healthy goats. The present investigation was done to know precautionary measures to be taken for the survival of goats in arid tract without compromising production


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