18-Title: Evaluation of CAST/Msp1 gene polymorphism in Harnali sheep

18-Title: Evaluation of CAST/Msp1 gene polymorphism in Harnali sheep

Authors: Sunil Kumar, Abhay Singh Yadav, Ankit Magotra, Asha Rani Garg and Narender Kumar

Source: Ruminant Science (2023)-12(1):99-102.

How to cite this manuscript: Kumar Sunil, Yadav Abhay Singh, Magotra Ankit, Garg Asha Rani and Kumar Narender (2023). Evaluation of CAST/Msp1 gene polymorphism in Harnali sheep. Ruminant Science 12(1):99-102.


An investigation was carried out to identify the polymorphism of Calpastatin (CAST) gene in Harnali sheep maintained in the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding of the institute. Blood samples from 138 randomly selected Harnali sheep were collected for DNA extraction and SNP profiling. PCR-RFLP was performed to identify the polymorphism in the targeted region of the CAST gene. PCR amplified product of 622 bp subjected to RE digestion with Msp1 revealed a monomorphic banding pattern. Two bands of 336 and 286 bp were detected in all samples indicating MM genotype in the resource population. Monomorphic pattern indicated that CAST gene is highly conserved in the screened sheep population at the studied locus.


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