2-Title: Molecular characterization and antimicrobial-resistant pattern of Streptococcus species isolated from bovine mastitis in and around Junagadh district

2-Title: Molecular characterization and antimicrobial-resistant pattern of Streptococcus species isolated from bovine mastitis in and around Junagadh district

Authors: DK Parasana, BB Javia, DT Fefar, DB Barad and SN Ghodasara

Source: Ruminant Science (2021)-10(2):247-252.

How to cite this manuscript: Parasana DK, Javia BB, Fefar DT, Barad DB and Ghodasara SN (2021). Molecular characterization and antimicrobial-resistant pattern of Streptococcus species isolated from bovine mastitis in and around Junagadh district. Ruminant Science 10(2):247-252.


In the present study 98 Streptococcus spp. isolates were recovered from 320 milk samples collected from VCC, KU, Junagadh were used to determine phenotypic and genotypic antimicrobial susceptibility patterns. All Streptococcus spp. isolates were confirmed at the genus level by targeting tuf gene. Str. agalactiae, Str. dysgalactiae and Str. uberis were identified at the species level by targeting 16S rRNA, 16S rRNA and pau gene respectively. Based on PCR detection out of 98 Streptococcus spp. isolates 42, 10 and 16 were Str. agalactiae, Str. dysgalactiae and Str. uberis, respectively. Phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility was carried out by disc diffusion method and the result showed higher resistance towards ceftriaxone, tetracycline and penicillin and lower resistance towards levofloxacin and gentamicin. For genotypic antimicrobial susceptibility testing ermB, tetK and blaZ genes were targeted. Based on PCR detection ermB, tetK and blaZ genes were found only in 5, 2 and 3 isolates, respectively.


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