22-Title: Development and validation of educational multimedia module for dissemination of scientific feeding practices in dairy animals

22-Title: Development and validation of educational multimedia module for dissemination of scientific feeding practices in dairy animals

Authors: P Megharaj, KC Veeranna, L Manjunatha, CB Madhavaprasad, GT Gopala and BH Rudresh

Source: Ruminant Science (2021)-10(1):111-116.

How to cite this manuscript: Megharaj P, Veeranna KC, Manjunatha L, Madhavaprasad CB, Gopala GT and Rudresh BH (2021). Development and validation of educational multimedia module for dissemination of scientific feeding practices in dairy animals. Ruminant Science 10(1):111-116.


A study to evaluate the effectiveness of an Educational Multimedia Module (EMM) in the dissemination of knowledge on scientific feeding practices among dairy farmers was attempted. Feeding practices which were promoted and successfully implemented by KVAFSU under the World Bank-funded Sujala III project in eleven districts of Karnataka were considered for the development of EMM which included silage making using silo bags, dry fodder enrichment, fodder nurseries and preparation of concentrate feed. The content in the EMM and its quality was validated and standardized by a team of experts. The effectiveness of the EMM was assessed by exposing the EMM to a sample of 100 dairy farmers selected randomly from the Davangere district of Karnataka and measuring their progress in terms of knowledge gain and knowledge retention. The results indicated that the majority of the experts in the validation team opined the EMM to be good, both in terms of content validation and quality assessment. Further, almost all the respondents who had possessed a low level of knowledge on scientific feeding practices at pre-exposure acquired medium to high level of knowledge immediate post-exposure and at 30 days post-exposure to EMM. There was a significant change in knowledge gain and knowledge retention regarding the various dairy feeding practices reflecting the effectiveness of the developed EMM. Likewise, the majority of the sample respondents were highly satisfied with the EMM.


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