22-Title: Occurrence and correlation of upward fixation of patella with body condition score in buffaloes

22-Title: Occurrence and correlation of upward fixation of patella with body condition score in buffaloes

Authors: Raj Kumar, MC Parashar and AK Bishnoi

Source: Ruminant Science (2022)-11(1):105-107.

How to cite this manuscript: Kumar Raj, Parashar MC and Bishnoi AK (2022). Occurrence and correlation of upward fixation of patella with body condition score in buffaloes. Ruminant Science 11(1):105-107.


In present study upward fixation of patella (UFP) was diagnosed in total 51 cases of buffalo and Body Condition Scores (BCS) of these animals were estimated to find any correlation between the BCS and occurrence of UFP. BCS in these animals was estimated based on fat present on eight skeletal check points. BCS scoring system 1 to 5 with 0.5 increments was used. A score of 1 indicated emaciated, 2 indicated thin, 3 indicated average, 4 indicated fat and 5 indicated obese condition in the buffaloes. Two experts observed eight skeletal check points by vision and palpation independently without referring to each other and their findings were averaged for the final BCS. The highest occurrence of upward fixation of the patella was recorded with 27 buffalo (52.94%) in the group of 2.5-2.99 BCS.



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