23-Title: Management of distal metaphyseal humerus fracture using SOP (string of pearls) plate in a chinkara (Gazella bennetti)

23-Title: Management of distal metaphyseal humerus fracture using SOP (string of pearls) plate in a chinkara (Gazella bennetti)

Authors: Anita Kumari, AK Bishnoi, P Bishnoi, S Palecha, Richa Chourasia, Shivangi Diwedi, Mohan Lal Sharma and Purushottam

Source: Ruminant Science (2022)-11(1):109-112.

How to cite this manuscript: Kumari Anita, Bishnoi AK, Bishnoi P, Palecha S, Chourasia Richa, Diwedi Shivangi, Sharma Mohan Lal and Purushottam (2022). Management of distal metaphyseal humerus fracture using SOP (string of pearls) plate in a chinkara (Gazella bennetti). Ruminant Science 11(1):109-112.


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