24-Title: Assessment of knowledge level regarding scientific cattle management practices among cattle owners in Rajasthan Authors: AS Arora, Devi Singh Rajput and Neeraj Kumar Sharma Source: Ruminant Science (2022)-11(2):371-376.

24-Title: Assessment of knowledge level regarding scientific cattle management practices among cattle owners in Rajasthan

Authors: AS Arora, Devi Singh Rajput and Neeraj Kumar Sharma

Source: Ruminant Science (2022)-11(2):371-376.

How to cite this manuscript: Arora AS, Rajput Devi Singh and Sharma Neeraj Kumar (2022). Assessment of knowledge level regarding scientific cattle management practices among cattle owners in Rajasthan. Ruminant Science 11(2):371-376.


The present study was carried out to assess the knowledge level of cattle owners regarding scientific cattle management practices and its relationship with their socio-economic variables in Rajasthan state of India. The data for the study was collected from 320 cattle owners selected randomly from 16 villages of four districts, i.e. Bharatpur, Kota, Jodhpur and Sri Ganganagar of Rajasthan state. The results of the study revealed that the majority of the cattle owners (74.68%) were observed to be in the moderate level of knowledge category followed by high (14.37%) and low (10.93%) levels of knowledge categories.  Further, the relationship between the socio-economic variables of the respondents and their level of knowledge revealed that education, land holding, membership of milk co-operative society, socio-economic status, cattle holding, income from cattle rearing, gross annual income, extension contact and mass media exposure, had a positive and significant relationship, while age had a negative and significant association with the overall level of knowledge at 0.01% level of probability.


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