26-Title: Effect of different levels of silage feeding on growth performance of Osmanabadi kids

26-Title: Effect of different levels of silage feeding on growth performance of Osmanabadi kids

Authors: SM Omkar, PP Ghorpade, ST Hande, RB Ambade, SD Jagadale, VA Borse and RP Chikankar

Source: Ruminant Science (2023)-12(1):137-140.

How to cite this manuscript: Omkar SM, Ghorpade PP, Hande ST, Ambade RB, Jagadale SD, Borse VA and Chikankar RP (2023). Effect of different levels of silage feeding on growth performance of Osmanabadi kids. Ruminant Science 12(1):137-140.


The present study was undertaken to study the effect of silage feeding on a kid’s growth performance. Eighteen healthy Osmanabadi kids aged 4-7 months and uniform body weights were randomly selected and divided into 3 groups viz. (T0), (T1) and (T2) and fed Maize silage at 0%, 15% and 25% levels based on DMI. All the groups were offered with concentrate mixture as per routine farm practices. All other management practices were similar for all the groups. The body weights of all goat kids were recorded on a weekly basis. Average daily body weight gains, average weekly body weight gain and average total live weight gain were 64.69±1.02, 72.39±1.30 and 86.18±0.77 gm/day; 485±0.007, 543±0.009 and 627±0.005 gm/week; 5.82±0.09, 6.51±0.12 and 7.52±0.07 kg in groups (T0), (T1) and (T2), respectively. It was found that there was a significant (P<0.01) effect of feeding different levels of silage on the growth performance of Osmanabadi kids. From the results, it can be concluded that silage feeding had a significantly enhanced effect on growth performance.


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