28-Title: Study on constraints being perceived by the buffalo rearers in non-tribal area of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan

28-Title: Study on constraints being perceived by the buffalo rearers in non-tribal area of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan

Authors: Devkishan Gurjar, ML Gurjar, Vachaspati Narayan, Sunil Meena and Rahul Saini

Source: Ruminant Science (2022)-11(2):393-396.

How to cite this manuscript: Gurjar Devkishan, Gurjar ML, Narayan Vachaspati, Meena Sunil and Saini Rahul (2022). Study on constraints being perceived by the buffalo rearers in non-tribal area of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. Ruminant Science 11(2):393-396.


The present investigation was conducted in Begun and Kapasan tehsils of the Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. The study group included 160 buffalo rearers who were selected randomly from four villages of two tehsils. The problem of repeat breeding was the main constraint faced by the buffalo rearers on pooled RBQ basis. The RBQ value of this constraint was 92.94 and the constraint was ranked first in both tehsils. The lack of pure breedable buffalo bulls was ranked as the second most serious constraint, with a RBQ value of 85.44 on pooled RBQ basis. Based on the distribution of RBQ values, this constraint was ranked second in both tehsils. AI centres, ill-equipped and poor service at AI centres was the third most serious constraint in the area surveyed with the RBQ value of 75.85. This constraint ranked third in Begun tehsil and second in Kapasan tehsil.


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