32-Title: Knowledge and practices of farm workers about dairying in Punjab, India

32-Title: Knowledge and practices of farm workers about dairying in Punjab, India

Authors: Rahul Choudhary, Jaswinder Singh, Rajesh Kasrija and Rakesh Kumar Sharma

Source: Ruminant Science (2022)-11(1):155-164.

How to cite this manuscript: Choudhary Rahul, Singh Jaswinder, Kasrija Rajesh and Sharma Rakesh Kumar (2022). Knowledge and practices of farm workers about dairying in Punjab, India. Ruminant Science 11(1):155-164.


Present study was conducted to ascertain the knowledge and practices of farm workers’ of Punjab about dairying. A pretested interview schedule was used to interview a total of 780 randomly selected dairy farm workers comprising of rural small-scale (n=240), rural commercial (n=240) and peri-urban dairy farm workers (n=300). The majority (82.90%) of dairy farm workers possessed medium knowledge regarding components of dairy husbandry practices. Out of the total, 17.10 per cent, 43.80 per cent, and 39.10 per cent of respondents were in the low, medium, and high knowledge categories respectively. The knowledge score of respondents was found weekly correlated (r<0.25) with age, monthly wages and working hours. The majority of respondents (82.56%) and (59.48%) respectively, practice stall feeding and provide their animals with chaffed and whole mix feed. Only 29.48 per cent and 14.35 per cent of dairy workers maintained farm records and used machine milking, respectively. Socioeconomic status and farm experiences were found to be significantly associated with dairy farming knowledge.  A significant difference of knowledge and practices existed between the three categories of dairy farm workers studied. The study concluded that a need has arisen to educate dairy farm employees about scientific dairy farming practices.



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