37-Title: Effect of vitamin C supplementation on behavioural parameters of water deprived goats

37-Title: Effect of vitamin C supplementation on behavioural parameters of water deprived goats

Authors: S Kour, J Devi, K Sarma and D Chakraborty

Source: Ruminant Science (2021)-10(1):191-196.

How to cite this manuscript: Kour S, Devi J, Sarma K and Chakraborty D (2021). Effect of vitamin C supplementation on behavioural parameters of water deprived goats. Ruminant Science 10(1):191-196.


The present study was conducted on eighteen adult male goats to evaluate the effect of vitamin C on behavioural parameters of water deprived goats during the summer and winter seasons. In each season, there were two treatment groups: T1 and T2 groups. In T1 groups, water was restricted and subdivided into three experimental periods: in period 1 (experimental days 1 to 7), goats were adapted to the water restriction regime by limiting access to water gradually from 15 to 3 hour per day. During the second period of the experiment (experimental days 8 to 14), animals had access to water for 3 hours/day. In the final period of the experiment (experimental days 15 to 22), animals had access to water only every second day for 6 hours. In T2 group, the same protocol was followed as mentioned above along with vitamin C supplementation (180 mg/kg body weight/animal/day). In the control group (both seasons), water was offered ad libitum (24 hours) throughout the experimental period. Drinking behaviour (drinking duration and drinking frequency), duration of standing and duration of lying of each animal was observed for 24 hours. Water and feed intake (WI and FI) were observed and daily body weight was recorded. In T1 group, significantly (P<0.05) decreasing trends in WI, FI and body weight was found in both seasons. Average WI, FI and body weight were significantly lower (P<0.05) in T1 than T2 value. Overall summer value of drinking duration and frequency were higher as compared to overall winter values. Water deprivation had a negative impact on behavioural parameters, which can be ameliorated by supplementation of ascorbic acid at the rate of @ 180 mg/kg b.wt./day.


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