42-Title: Surgical management of ocular dermoids in Indian cattle breeds

42-Title: Surgical management of ocular dermoids in Indian cattle breeds

Authors: Gaurav Sharma, SK Jhirwal, Kuldeep, Anil Kumar, Pratikshit Sanel, Kundan Singh Meena and P Bishnoi

Source: Ruminant Science (2021)-10(1):211-214.

How to cite this manuscript: Sharma Gaurav, Jhirwal SK, Kuldeep, Kumar Anil, Sanel Pratikshit, Meena Kundan Singh and Bishnoi P (2021). Surgical management of ocular dermoids in Indian cattle breeds. Ruminant Science 10(1):211-214.


The present study was conducted on ocular dermoids of 18 eyes of 15 clinical cases of Indian cattle breeds diagnosed upon gross and ophthalmic examination. Unilateral dermoid was found in 12 of the 15 animals studied. Seven cases were reported in the nondescript breed, followed by five in the Tharparkar breed, and three in the Sahiwal breed. Six cases were in the 7-10 year age group, four were in the 11-13 year age group, three were in the 1-3 month age group, and two were in the 4-6 year age group. There were 13 cases of female sex and two cases of male sex among the 15 animals. All these cases were surgically treated under 2% lignocaine HCl local anaesthesia and xylazine sedation keeping the affected eye toward the surgeon.  Operating microscope was used for better magnification in cases of superficial keratectomy. All the animals had uneventful recovery except one case in which recurrence was noticed post-operatively.


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