43-Title: Effect of resveratrol supplementation on the semen quality of cryopreserved Hariana bull semen

43-Title: Effect of resveratrol supplementation on the semen quality of cryopreserved Hariana bull semen

Authors: Mahesh Kumar, Anuj Kumar, Vikas Sachan, JK Agarwal, Atul Saxena, Avaneesh Kumar Singh, Shashi Kant Gupta and Dilip Swain

Source: Ruminant Science (2022)-11(2):475-478.

How to cite this manuscript: Kumar Mahesh, Kumar Anuj, Sachan Vikas, Agarwal JK, Saxena Atul, Singh Avaneesh Kumar, Gupta Shashi Kant and Swain Dilip (2022). Effect of resveratrol supplementation on the semen quality of cryopreserved Hariana bull semen. Ruminant Science 11(2):475-478.


The present study was designed to determine the effect of resveratrol as an additive in tris-egg yolk-based extender in Hariana bull semen opted for cryopreservation. The study evaluated physico-morphological properties (individual progressive motility, viability, Hypoosmotic swelling (HOS) response, acrosomal integrity, at pre-freeze and post-thaw stages of cryopreservation. Thirty-two ejaculates collected from four Hariana bulls were divided into four aliquots. Aliquot diluted in egg yolk tris glycerol (EYTG), Group I: control (without addition of resveratrol), Group II: treated with 0.5 mM resveratrol, Group III: treated with 1.0 mM resveratrol, Group IV: treated with 2.0 mM resveratrol. Semen evaluated at pre-freeze and post-thaw stages showed that supplementation of 0.5 mM resveratrol in semen significantly (p<0.05) increase individual progressive motility (%), viability (%), acrosomal integrity (%), and HOS response (%) at both stages of cryopreservation.


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