46-Title: Complications associated with linear external skeletal fixation system in cattle

46-Title: Complications associated with linear external skeletal fixation system in cattle

Authors: Suresh Kumar Palsania, P Bishnoi, S Palecha and AK Bishnoi

Source: Ruminant Science (2021)-10(2):465-470.

How to cite this manuscript: Palsania Suresh Kumar, Bishnoi P, Palecha S and Bishnoi AK (2021). Complications associated with linear external skeletal fixation system in cattle. Ruminant Science 10(2):465-470.


The present study was conducted on 21 clinical cases of long bone fracture in cattle. The fractures of tibia, radius, metacarpal and metatarsal bones were included and these fractures were stabilized with type II linear external skeletal fixation (LESF) assembly.  Complications during the post-operative period were observed in 15 out of 21 animals, out of which a single complication was found in six animals while multiple complications were encountered in 9 animals. The common complications recorded were transcortical pin loosening (8), pin tract sepsis (6) and fixator instability (6) followed by knuckling of the fetlock joint (4), post-operative wound formation (4), fracture fragment instability (4), post-operative wound infection (3), over extension of fetlock of contra-lateral limb (3), pin bending (2), angular limb deformity (2), malunion (1) and maggot wound around pin tract (1). The complications were less in closed fracture and light weight animals.


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