51-Title: Evaluation of intraocular pressure in small ruminants

51-Title: Evaluation of intraocular pressure in small ruminants

Authors: Arvinder, Mahendra Tanwar, Sakar Palecha, TK Gahlot, Kapil Kachwaha, Narendra Singh and P Bishnoi

Source: Ruminant Science (2022)-11(2):509-511.

How to cite this manuscript: Arvinder, Tanwar Mahendra, Palecha Sakar, Gahlot TK, Kachwaha Kapil, Singh Narendra and Bishnoi P (2022). Evaluation of intraocular pressure in small ruminants. Ruminant Science 11(2):509-511.


The present study was performed on 20 apparently healthy female adult Magra sheep (n=10) and Marwari goats (n=10) to measure the intraocular pressure (IOP). The mean IOP in eyes of sheep and goats were 8.72±0.25 mmHg and 8.52±0.22 mm Hg, respectively. There was a non-significant difference between left and right eye values of IOP in adult female sheep as well as adult female goats. The difference in IOP between sheep and goats eyes was statistically non-significant.


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