7-Title: Visceral coenurosis in goat

7-Title: Visceral coenurosis in goat

Authors: Nitika Sharma, Shivsharanappa Nayakwadi, RVS Pawaiya, AK Mishra,                        DK Sharma and Ashish Srivastava

Source: Ruminant Science (2021)-10(2):277-280.

How to cite this manuscript: Sharma Nitika, Nayakwadi Shivsharanappa, Pawaiya RVS, Mishra AK, Sharma DK and Srivastava Ashish (2021). Visceral coenurosis in goat. Ruminant Science 10(2):277-280.


A ten-month-old Barbari goat was presented with the clinical signs of swelling in the cheek region, anorexia, debility and poor body condition. Physical examination revealed a large fluctuating fluid-filled bladder with distinct dimensions in the cheek region. The animal was kept under clinical observation and treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. After two days, animal died due to anorexia and debility. The necropsy examination revealed fluid-filled cysts in different body regions particularly in the cheek muscles, heart, kidneys and other abdominal organs. The cysts were removed along with its membrane and parasitological examination revealed it as a Coenurus cerebralis, the intermediate stage of T. multiceps. The present report describes a case of severe visceral (non-cerebral) cyst of C. cerebralis in Barbari goat.


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