9-Title: Kappa-casein gene polymorphism and its association with milk production traits in dairy cattle of Kashmir, India

9-Title: Kappa-casein gene polymorphism and its association with milk production traits in dairy cattle of Kashmir, India

Authors: Ruksana M Shah, NA Ganai, S Shanaz, FD Sheikh, Nusrat N Khan and Ambreen Hamadani

Source: Ruminant Science (2021)-10(1):43-48.

How to cite this manuscript: Shah Ruksana M, Ganai NA, Shanaz S, Sheikh FD, Khan Nusrat N and Hamadani Ambreen (2021). Kappa-casein gene polymorphism and its association with milk production traits in dairy cattle of Kashmir, India. Ruminant Science 10(1):43-48.


The aim of the study was to screen the genotypes of the kappa casein gene (exon 4) influencing the daily milk yield and quality of milk viz: fat %, protein %, lactose %, SNF, density and ash. A total of 160, Jersey and Crossbred HF cows (80 each) maintained at an organized farm mountain livestock research station, Manasbal Kashmir, were phenotyped. Genomic DNA was extracted from blood using the phenol-chloroform method. 50 ml morning milk samples were collected on weekly basis and analysed for quality using Speedy Lab Milk Auto-analyser. PCR and RFLP were performed on the extracted DNA. SAS 9.3 Statistical software was used for association analysis. The screened Kappa casein gene polymorphisms by PCR-RFLP using Hind III enzyme revealed two patterns (Kk and kk) in Jersey cows and three patterns (KK, Kk and kk) in HF crossbred cows. The frequency of the “K” allele was found to be very high (0.53) in Jersey cows as compared to crossbred HF cows. The study revealed that genotype KK was associated with the milk yield traits in HF crossbred cows and genotype Kk, was associated with the milk yield traits in Jersey cows. In crossbred HF cows, the effect of genotypes was found to be significant on protein % and lactose % and non-significant on all quality traits in Jersey cows. It was concluded that the explorations of quantitative, qualitative and molecular genetics are important to improve dairy cattle performance.


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