22-Title Knowledge and adoption level of livestock owners on breeding practices under organic animal husbandry management system

Authors: Bharti Gujar, Devi Singh Rajput, NK Sharma and TC Goyal

Source: Ruminant Science (2020)-9(2):329-332.

How to cite this manuscript: Gujar Bharti, Rajput DS, Sharma NK and Goyal TC (2020). Knowledge and adoption level of livestock owners on breeding practices under organic animal husbandry management system. Ruminant Science 9(2):329-332.


The present paper is highlighted the knowledge and adoption level of livestock owners under different organic animal husbandry practices related to animal breeding practices in the arid region of Rajasthan. The study was conducted in purposively selected Barmer and Bikaner districts of Rajasthan. A total of 120 livestock owners were chosen from eight villages across four tehsils, namely Sheo, Chohtan, Lunkaransar, and Kolayat. The findings of the study revealed that livestock owners had the highest knowledge and ranked first for animals promoted for natural birth and knowledge of heat detection (1.00) and the lowest knowledge was found in best breeding techniques used in organic animal husbandry (0.43) where as highest adoption was found in the traditional method used for heat detection with adoption index 99.58 and lowest adoption was found in sources and type of male animals with adoption index 20.27.


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