23-Title: Effect of supplementation of vitamin E and chromium on somatic cell count and immunoglobulin content in milk of Sahiwal cattle

Authors: ML Choudhary, V Kumar, SC Goswami, V Kumar, R Dedar and G Mishra

Source: Ruminant Science (2020)-9(2):333-336.

How to cite this manuscript: Choudhary ML, Kumar V, Goswami SC, Kumar V, Dedar R and Mishra G (2020). Effect of supplementation of vitamin E and chromium on somatic cell count and immunoglobulin content in milk of Sahiwal cattle. Ruminant Science 9(2):333-336.


This experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of vitamin E and chromium propionate during the transition period in Sahiwal cows. A total of 28 cows were grouped on the basis of their milk yield, parity and body weights –  into four homogenous treatments of 7 each. Control group (Group-1) was fed basal diet. Vitamin E (2000 IU/d) (Group-2), chromium propionate (0.5 mg/kg DMI) (Group-3) and vitamin E (2000 IU/d) + chromium propionate (0.5 mg/kg DMI) (Group-4) supplementation were given to the cows in different treatment groups daily along with control diet. Immunoglobulin content was found to be highest in colostrums of cows in the combination group (Group 3) as compared to other groups. The Somatic Cell Count was found maximum in the control group followed by Chromium propionate, Vitamin E and combination, respectively. Therefore it can be inferred that vitamin E and chromium propionate supplementation are beneficial and it can be adopted to improve the somatic cell count and immunoglobulin content in milk of Sahiwal cows.       


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