30-Title: Effect of phase of oestrus cycle on recovery and in vitro maturation of abbatoir derived buffalo oocytes

Authors: MK Shukla, D Kumar, Ashitha Suresh, Neeraj Verma, OP Shrivastava and BC Sarkhel

Source: Ruminant Science (2020)-9(2):373-377.

How to cite this manuscript: Shukla MK, Kumar D, Suresh Ashitha, Verma Neeraj, Shrivastava OP and Sarkhel BC (2020). Effect of phase of oestrus cycle on recovery and in vitro maturation of abbatoir derived buffalo oocytes. Ruminant Science 9(2):373-377.


This study was conducted on oocytes retrieved from 1339 follicles (406 ovaries) in follicular phase, 1191 follicles (371 ovaries) in the early luteal phase and 1121 follicles (233 ovaries) in luteal phase to study the effect of the phase of oestrous cycle on oocyte retrieval, quality and in vitro maturation of the oocytes. Significantly (p<0.01) higher number of follicles per ovary and COCs retrieved per ovary were recorded in the ovaries in luteal phase (4.87±0.32 and 3.29±0.23) as compared to those in follicular phase (3.34±0.12 and 2.28±0.09) or early luteal phase (3.23±0.13 and 2.26±0.11). The in vitro maturation (%) was also significantly (p<0.01) higher in COCs retrieved from ovaries during the luteal phase (86.54±0.53) as compared to follicular (80.86±0.23) or early luteal phase (83.76±0.48) of the oestrus cycle. The difference between nuclear maturation in COCs retrieved during early luteal and follicular phase was also significant (p<0.05). Thus the present study indicates that COCs retrieved during the luteal phase of the cycle have better developmental competence as compared to those removed during other stages of the oestrous cycle.


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