31-Title: Seasonal changes in seminal plasma biochemical parameters of NARI Suwarna rams

Authors: Venkanagouda Doddagoudar, MK Tandle, RG Bijurkar, NA Patil, Ashok Pawar, Shrikant Kulkarni and Vinay Tikare

Source: Ruminant Science (2020)-9(2):379-382.

How to cite this manuscript: Doddagoudar Venkanagouda, Tandle MK, Bijurkar RG, Patil NA, Pawar Ashok, Kulkarni Shrikant and Tikare Vinay (2020). Seasonal changes in seminal plasma biochemical parameters of NARI Suwarna rams. Ruminant Science 9(2):379-382.


The seminal plasma composition of NARI Suwarna rams, a strain of sheep with improved reproductive capability was evaluated over six months, divided equally into breeding (winter) and non-breeding (summer) seasons. The lipid peroxidation during the non-breeding season was significantly higher, whereas all other estimated parameters viz. total protein, cholesterol, AST, ALT and ALP did not show any significant variation (p>0.05) between or within breeding (winter) and non-breeding (summer) seasons.


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