39-Title: Ultrasonographic characterization of common hepatic ailments in bovine

Authors: Prince Arora, Adarsh Kumar, Amit Kumar, Ajay Katoch, Mansi Bajaj and SP Tyagi

Source: Ruminant Science (2020)-9(2):401-406.

How to cite this manuscript: Arora Prince, Kumar Adarsh, Kumar Amit, Katoch Ajay, Bajaj Mansi and Tyagi SP (2020). Ultrasonographic characterization of common hepatic ailments in bovine. Ruminant Science 9(2):401-406.


Diffuse hepatic disease, fascioliasis, and lantana toxicity are commonly observed hepatic ailments in bovines. Clinical signs observed in hepatic dysfunction were not much specific. Increased AST and GGT levels were observed indicating compromised liver function. Generalized hyperechoic foci in the liver parenchyma, double-walled gall bladder, and rounding of edges were observed in animals having the diffuse hepatic disease. The calcified intrahepatic bile duct was a characteristic finding in patients having fascioliasis. Peri-hepatic and peri-renal fluid accumulation in the case of Lantana toxicity was the main observation. Round to oval hyperechoic multiple foci spread over the hepatic parenchyma was prominent finding in cows suffering from lantana toxicity. Diagnosis of many hepatic ailments was difficult as signs may not be specific. Sonography provided a comprehensive architecture scan of liver and helped in the assessment of various complications like lantana toxicity, liver fascioliasis and cirrhosis etc . For Lantana toxicity prognosis can be predicted after evaluating the status of the kidney and the liver parenchyma with help of ultrasonography. Consistent changes pertaining to gall bladder size, wall thickness, bile ducts and vascularity coupled with the other tests can prove confirmatory liver affections.


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